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Cleanflight 1.8.0 supported

From version 3.135 of EZ-GUI, cleanflight 1.8.0 is supported.


EZ-GUI Logs – how to use them

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Controlling the quad from EZ-GUI

Remember that Bluetooth range is very limited. In the best conditions it can work up to 50-100 meters but it can also stop working after 10 meters. Setting the failsave is very good idea to avoid flyaways.

Phone call or message can bring EZ-GUI to background and you may lost control over your craft.

I bought CJMCU mini quad and I wanted to control it from my phone.

This is how I did it.

Connecting Bluetooth module


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Mirco quad (CJMCU) running cleanflight, controlled by EZ-GUI

CJMCU is a cheap micro quad which runs cleanflight.

I used a Bluetooth and Android phone to control it.


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