Controlling the quad from EZ-GUI

Remember that Bluetooth range is very limited. In the best conditions it can work up to 50-100 meters but it can also stop working after 10 meters. Setting the failsave is very good idea to avoid flyaways.

Phone call or message can bring EZ-GUI to background and you may lost control over your craft.

I bought CJMCU mini quad and I wanted to control it from my phone.

This is how I did it.

Connecting Bluetooth module



The quad runs cleanflight. You can read here how to flash the firmware.

Here is my configuration:

conf1conf2 conf3

EZ-GUI configuration

I assume that you have some experience with EZ-GUI and you are able to connect to the quad via Bluetooth. (do not forget to select cleanflight as your firmware in the EZ-GUI settings)

When the connection is working and you can connect and read/display data from your quad go to “advanced” section of EZ-GUI. You will find there “Model Control” button.


Press “SETTINGS” in upper right corner and set it to your preferences.

I like these settings. It allows me to control throttle and yaw with my thumb and pitch and roll by tilting the phone.



a little note here. When refresh rate is below or equal 100, the EZ-GUI sends only control frames so you will not hear when ie ANGLE mode is enabled. If you want to have full communication change the value to something higher than 100.



To arm the quad bring the throttle down and set the AUX1 to Mid. (this is true for the configuration from above)



Now you can control YAW and THROTTLE with your thumb and PITCH and ROLL by tilting the phone.


  1. Hey, I finally made a demonstration video of EZ-GUI flying with just a serial connection through a 3DR telemetry set. It elimates the range issues of bluetooth. You mentioned that you may be able to reduce the refresh rate from the suggested 100ms, which would be awesome. I can get it stable as low as 40ms but below that I have jitter and dropouts.


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