Mirco quad (CJMCU) running cleanflight, controlled by EZ-GUI

CJMCU is a cheap micro quad which runs cleanflight.

I used a Bluetooth and Android phone to control it.


IMG_20150128_011023 IMG_20150128_011048


What do you need to build one:

More about the board here: https://github.com/cleanflight/cleanflight/blob/master/docs/Board%20-%20CJMCU.md



  1. Unable to arm the quad. Can you please guide me? I’m in ver 3.74

  2. What is the IC you are using between the CJMCU and bluetooth module? A buffer for the data lines?

    I’m going to try this with a 915mhz serial module for a longer range.

    Thank you for all your great work on ez-gui!

    • ezio

      May 14, 2015 at 18:20

      There is nothing between. Bluetooth is directly connected. Why do you ask?

      • i finally realized it’s just a pin header.

        I wanted to try it without the range limitations so I pulled a 3dr radio set from another bird…it works perfectly if you use the 3dr radio utility to change mavlink to rawdata and set the baud rate to 115.


        and now i dont need another controller to fly outside, thanks! (check your failsafe kids) I might just make an army of these things and get my friends to fly with their phones too!

        unlock bought. A good preference option to add would be starting the right slider at the bottom so it doesn’t try to take off right when you start…and I’m sure you’ll design some other control layouts in the not too distant future. It’s a great app you’ve made!

  3. This project is really cute!
    Inspired by you I bought the components and assembled/soldered everything.
    The only difference is that I use a syma-x1 battery 350mha (from my other cheap quad).
    Connecting to the ezgui on my phone works good, but for some reason I cant manage to lift the quad. Even when I go full throttle it just hovers in the “ground effect” zone and fails to lift itself up.

    The same batteries still manage to lift my other quad and have ~8 min flight.
    As mentioned – I used the exact components.

    Any idea about whats wrong?

    • I have no idea. Mine flies well even with puffed old battery.

    • Hello again 🙂
      Since I bought spare parts for every component I managed to build a new one which is working.
      I have 2 questions:
      1. Using the accelerometer for control has some latency. Is there any way to improve that besides practicing?
      2. The magnetometer seems to be very noisy, I shut it off (by setting mag_hardware=1). Did you experience the same? When you connect it to ezgui / configurator and examine real-time orientation, is it really noisy and inaccurate?


      • Just to make it clear about issue No 1:
        When writing “accelerometer” I meant using ezgui to control the quad (like in your video) and in settings configuring the tilt of the phone to control either horizontal\vetical scroll or stick.
        When doing that there is a noticeable delay between phone tilt and quad response.

      • 1. I will try to update the code for reading from accelerometer in near future when I havr some free time to experiment.
        2. I have the same. Very noisy and inaccurate. I don’t use magnetometer either.

        • Thanks !

          In your video the quad seems very stable, like its in headfree and mag modes – always points to the same direction (you didn’t even use the yaw control).
          But magnetometer is a must for headfree and mag, so which modes were you on?

          • Only Angel mode. Nothing else. I control Yaw with my thumb. I have trottle and yaw on the joystick.

  4. It’s very cool, but how can u control ur uav with ez-gui via bluetooth?
    I can’t find any function that can control my uav in the app.

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