Bluetooth – 3DR radio bridge

Recently I’ve made a DIY Bluetooth – 3DR radio bridge. The main reason behind this is that my phone eats battery very very fast when it has something connected to USB/OTG.

Main goals:

  • Small
  • USB charging
  • Shows battery level
  • Nice

So here is the finished thing:

Bluetooth - 3DR bridge

Inside is not that spectacular:


As a case I’ve used a power bank from ebay. To have some space inside I’ve put only two 18650 batteries.


BT3dr Bridge



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  1. HI Bart,

    Did something like that for my APC220 modules, but I was too lazy to make a fine box 😉
    don’t matter…. I have a good data return (you saw my flying files ) at least 1000 m with 20mW output…!!!! nice isn t it?

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