How to exit correctly

Sometimes EZ-GUI doesn’t behave correctly when in background. It may cause higher battery drainage or/and other problems. To avoid this inconvenience use Exit from the actionbar or hit twice Back button.


App hangs at connection via BT

This happens on specific devices and right now I don’t know why.

You can try to check BT_NEW in the Settings. For some people it works.


No data received warning

This is shown when the EZ-GUI can’t receive data from the fly controller. It is usually due to wrong connection of Bluetooth module (Rx and Tx wires has to be swapped) or not the same baud rate is set in the BT module and flight controller.


Buttons and functions disappear after connection

It is normal behaviour. EZ-GUI detects what is available for your flight controller and removes buttons and features that are not supported. In example Mission Planner shows only if you have a mission capable firmware installed


Bluefruit EZ-Link

This is quite nice module with some smart functionality. It can change dynamically the baudrate. But this feature works only with Windows and Mac. Linux and Android don’t have a support for it.

You can still use it with Android and EZ-GUI but you have to set the baud rate to 9600 in your config.h. This speed is quite slow but still usable.

EZ-GUI can hang from time to time. If it does, Please increase the value the refresh rate in the settings.


Downloading a mission is not possible

Try to increase refresh time in EZ-GUI settings in example to 250


VEL parameter for P, I, D set to 0

You probably use cleanflight or baseflight. Please verify if you have correct firmware selected in the EZ-GUI settings.


Installing unlocker on your other device

You can do it as long as you use the same google account on both phones.
If you bought the unlocker you can download it and install without paying on other devices as but the google account used to do it has to be the same along all devices.


CC3D throught USB OTG doesn’t work

Works from version 3.206.206

CC3D uses a virtual com port and because of this it has some drawbacks. Board has to boot completely before you connect it to USB. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Connect the battery, wait the board to finish booting and connect USB
  2. Without battery connected, put the USB plug very slowly in to the socket. When you see that the LEDs on the board are ON leave the plug and wait until board is up and running. Then push the plug fully in to the socket.


  1. I have an sp racing F3 with inav 1.9.0 installed, just uploaded latest ez-gui software to an new tablet I purchased for this use. and I connect through Blue tooth, I can connect ok but when I save the changes it comes up hardware failure and all the setting on the quad are lost.
    My mobile phone with an older version of ez-gui works fine but not all the setting are their.
    Any suggestions, or what versions of inav are compatible with ez-gui.

  2. Hi, I cannot find USB options in settings.What am I missing.

  3. Hi
    Great app so thank you.
    I have 2 x multirotors withe Naze32 Acro boards .. when I change PID settings via the app on one of my quads the settings save ok.
    On my other quad when I change any PID settings and try to save them they immediately go back to what they originally were.
    Any ideas

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