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Follow me is functional and has been tested many times on Multiwii. It should work on Naze32 as well but it hasn’t been tested.

The function is available in Advanced section of EZ-GUI. You don’t have to have unlocked version to use it.
It works by over-writing your Hold position with position from your android device.
So to make your quad follow, you have to enable the “follow me” (it stays enabled even you go back from Advanced section) and you also have to enable Position Hold. If at the same time Mag is activated copter will follow “nose” first.

During the flight you can enable and disable follow me functionality by enable/disable Position Hold.



  1. Since the latest update I can’t change my pid settings without crashing the app. Is there a way to go back a version. Or can you help me? Didn’t have any problems with previous version. Running 1.8.1.

  2. Rishabh Banga

    May 10, 2015 at 12:36

    How can I enable Position Hold?
    Any changes to be done in the MultiWii code?
    I am using a MultiWii Flight SE V2.5 Controller

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