FollowMe is avaiable on MultiWii 2.4 and iNavFlight.

FollowMe has few different modes:

  1. Normal
  2. Orbit
  3. InFront
  4. Wand
  5. Wand advanced

To use any of this modes the flight controller should be in Position Hold mode, Altitude Hold is also adviced and for INav – GCS NAV mode should be enabled.

To enable/disable FollowMe during the flight can be achieved by:

  • Enable/dissable FollowMe function in the app
  • Enable/disable Position Hold mode and take manual control
  • Enable/disable GCS NAV mode (iNav only)



Modes description:

  1. Normal – model will try to stay directly above you. In practice it is behind you due to delays.
  2. Orbit – model will fly around you in set distance
  3. InFront – model will try to be always in front when you are walking
  4. Wand – point your phone in required direction and press Volume Down key. Model will go there
  5. Wand advanced – the same as Wand but it also sets model altitude