First run and configuration

When you launch the EZ-GUI for the first time you will see configuration menu. Most of the options there are set to correct values out of the box but there are a few that you have to set manually.

1. Connection type – More here

2.Firmware version of your flight controller


  1. When i am conneted on bluetooth
    And flying around ill flip one of my switchs to do gps hold or home and it will say gps hold on then a min later with out turning gps hold off my phone will say gps hold off then a sec later it will say its back on

  2. Solo funciona las graficas porque ?
    I have multiwii2_3-navi-b5-baro

  3. julio duertes

    April 24, 2015 at 11:56

    Hi Ezio, I cant install the apk in my M1 Eachine, cause I cant see it in the google play lists. Althought I can see the unlocker ?¿?¿ Could you change something in google play for this? (For now I cant root my phone to try another tricks nor I know where to get the .apk file)
    thx in advance !

  4. Christian Bunse

    April 22, 2015 at 09:35

    Mission planning does not seem to work with Multiwii 2.4. Although selected in settings all mission related buttons disappear when connected to copter.

  5. Can’t connect wrong MAC address
    Did not get setup when first launched app should I uninstall and try again

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