Controlling a model from the EZ-GUI


  • keep in mind that Bluetooth (or other connection methods) Safetyhas limited range and you may lose control very easly. Re-connection may not be possible
  • make sure that you have failsafe set properly
  • call, sms or other interruption may push EZ-GUI to background and control may be lost
  • Use it on own risk
  • author is not responsible for any injuries and damages


Controlling your craft from EZ-GUI is possible and it doesn’t require any particular settings. If the craft has RC receiver it can be still controlled from EZ-GUI. Commands from EZ-GUI overrides signal from RC receiver. If there is no command from EZ-GUI for more than one second flight controller will switch back to RC receiver or it will enable failsafe (or if failsafe is not set it will keep the last values)


From MultiWii 2.3 there is no need to configure anything on the flight controller side.

Please look also here and here.

You will find Model Control in Advanced section of EZ-GUI.

Screenshot_2015-01-29-01-08-21 Screenshot_2015-01-29-01-06-29


Gamepad/Joystick axis mapping

Available in version 3.128.189 and later

You can use gamepad or joystick to control the model. Every gamepad is different so the axis mapping are also different and have to be set manually. To do this go to Model control settings. If gamepad is detected you will see “GamePad mapping options”.

gamepad mapping


GamePad mapping example:

By moving each stick on your game pad in one axis, the axis number can be established and then can be used to assign it to any slider available in mode control section.

In example I want to assign up-down motion of the right stick to the vertical slider in EZ-GUI. So I start by moving up or down the right stick. “Axis number” shows number of moved axis for the current gamepad as well as axis value (from -1 to 1).

Knowing the axis number I put it on the third position in configuration text (third position is reserved for Vertical Slider): 0;1;14;11

After axis are configured but some Sliders are working in revers you can correct it setting the “Axis revers”.

0 – means that axis will be not reversed

1 – it will be reversed

In my situation it is 0;1;1;0 –

left-right – not reversed

up-down – reversed

vertical slider – reversed

horizontal slider – not reversed




  1. Hello Ezio.
    Nice job but please answer my question friend.
    The board I have has a STM328 processor but it differs a bit from your’s
    Here is the image:

    There is a red kinda thing down there and 2 other pins.
    Can you please tell me whether I can control it with BT and your app or not.

    Grateful for your reply.

  2. glaaucoalves

    May 11, 2016 at 01:18

    Hi Ezio,
    Built a Quadcopter X, with nano Arduino platform, and the loaded code is multiwii 2.4 with a bluetooth module HC-06, according to the settings everything is running smoothly. I can access the data from the sensors fitted in Gy-88 connected to plate. But I do not have a control radio and I need to control the quad, but when I go into advanced mode “control model” the Quadcopter does not react to any commands. what might be happening? I need your help! Hug and thank you!

    • ezio

      May 11, 2016 at 04:04

      Have you set the “sliders” in the model control settings correctly for throttle, yaw, pitch and roll ?
      how you are trying to arm the quad?
      via stick movement or via AUX channel. I thing it is much easier to set ARM on one of the AUX channels and then choose it in the “model control”

  3. glaaucoalves

    May 11, 2016 at 01:17

    Oi Ezio,
    Construi um quadcopter X, com a plataforma arduino nano, e o codigo carregado é o multiwii 2.4, com um modulo bluetooth HC-06, de acordo com as configurações está tudo funcionando perfeitamente. consigo acessar os dados dos sensores acoplados no Gy-88 conectado a placa. Mas eu não tenho um Rádio control e estou precisando controlar o quad, mas quando entro em modo avançado “control model” o quadcopter não reage a qualquer comando. o que pode estar ocorrendo? Preciso do seu auxílio ! Abraço e obrigado!

  4. glaaucoalves

    May 11, 2016 at 00:47

    Personally, I bought the app but unfortunately I can not use the Control Mode. All measurements are correct, but not Advanced Control model HE DID NOT REACT TO commands . Can someone help me ? Thank you !

    • ezio

      May 11, 2016 at 00:58

      As I said many times before. Model control is there because it was possible. Please do NOT use it as a main way to control your model because is not reliable. The connection can be interrupted at any time and your model will fly away and you will never see it again. BTW Model control is available in free version. What flight controller do you use?

  5. Hello everybody,

    I’m just trying to control my 280mm quad with the EZ GUI app via bluetooht. The app works great on my phone, I’m able to watch all the copter’s data but when I enter to “Advanced -> untested -> MODEL CONTROL” the app just crash.

    I’m not sure what’s causing the probelm. I’m running EZ GUI Ground station V. 3.61.217 on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Cleanflight version is “Cleanflight/NAZE 1.10.0”.

    If you have some info to solve this issue, let me know.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi. This is a bug in the app. I will be fixed in few days. Beta with fix will be released tomorrow.

      • Hello ezio,

        Thanks for your quick answer. Now, with the EZ-GUI Version 3.72.221 the problem was solved and I’m able to enter to “mode control”.

        Now, I have some troubles to ARM the copter, it seems that the roll, picht, yaw and throttle channels don’t send its values to the flight board; only the auxs channels reflect a change on the values. However, even with the aux channels working and setting a range to arm the copter to some of them (e.g. to Aux2) the copter couldn’t be armed.

        I’ve set the receiver mode to RX_MSP and I’ve put the bluetooht module on the softserial1 port. Any way, in the “ports” part of cleanflight app, I set the softserial1 as MSP at 19200 baudrate. I attach an screenshot to show you the ports configuration



        • Hello ezio and everyone,

          I’ve resolved the issue of controlling a model via bluetooht. It seems that if the bluetooth module is connected to softserial ports, it doesn’t have the same behavior as in the uart2 port. So, by connecting the bluetooth on uart2 is possible to control the copter.


  6. Hi Ezio,

    I am building a nano brushed quad using CJMCU At328p board and controlled via BT. I was able to connect to EZ-GUI, set all parameters, ARM, etc. I am running Multiwii 2.4.

    However, right after arm the quad start up and my BT connection is disconnected while the motors continue spinning. i had to reconnect again via the app and then disarm using AUX1 and throttle 0.

    Is there any setting that I need to do to prevent the BT from disconnecting after ARM? And since I do not have a Rx connected to the FC, is there any additional configuration I need to do? I read above that Cleanflight can disable TX but is that something I can do in MultiWii?


    • Hi
      Disconnecting on ARM is not normal and there is no settings for that. It should stay connected all the time. One idea that comes to my mind is that when the motors stars battery voltage sags which is causing connection drop.

  7. I need a lightweight and compact radio control for long travels + FPV. But I did not find anything on the big market. It is very strange.
    So I wish to use EZ-GUI + GamePad + 3DR RADIO.
    But I have trouble.
    I need 4 axis for model control + 2 axis for camera + lots of buttons for modes and trimers.
    Xiaomi Gamepad has 6 analog axis input (include 2 analog axis trigger) and 12 buttons – it is perfectly!
    But I see only 4-axis control in the EZ-GUI interface.
    If I buy unlocked version EZ-GUI, can I configure 6 axis + 12 buttons for modes and trimers?

  8. Hello everybody.

    I’m using FLIP 32 with baseflight/cleanflight latest releases. I’ve connected and configure everything, this APP seems great. However I am not able to arm the motors with EZ-GUI. With the same configuration I can arm them with my RC transmitter and they work in EZ-GUI since I cant test them with the app. In EZ-GUI, advanced, model control , I move throttle to the mimimun and then I set AUX1 to MID, as I configured ARM with Aux1.

    But nothing happens, it is nor arming.

    Any idea??

  9. flachlaender

    July 4, 2015 at 11:10

    Hallo ezio,
    I have a cc3d with cleanfight 1.9 and connected over esp8862 (nodemcu serialbridge) . All funktions from ez_gui works only when i use the gamepad the cleanflight board is hang up. The motorcontrol from ez_gui run perfect.
    Who’s the problem? Ez-gui is the latest unlocked version.

  10. Rishabh Banga

    May 10, 2015 at 23:31

    I’m using a MultiWii SE V2.5 and a HC-05 controller. I tried using the controls but still not able to control the quad. Any assistance would be really helpful since I’m making it as a Final Year project and have to submit it in 2 days!

  11. lingeringlincoln

    May 6, 2015 at 13:18

    it seems that my normal TX overides the EZGui, can u help me?

  12. This is great!
    Today I connected a Dynam RC usb remote (got it for 20$) to the EZ-gui on my android device using usb OTG cable. I use the setup demonstrated with cjmcu board.

    It actually works :)) I fly the model using a usb remote (the Dynam RC looks exactly like a conventional RC transmitter).

    The only thing missing for me is calibration – the software assumes axis ranges are between -1 and 1 and my usb remote does not reach these values.

    Could you please add the option of calibration? / automatic range adjustment?


  13. This app doesn’t work for me. The motors don’t move and I turned it to full throttle.

  14. hello
    I can not “ARM” through OTG cable . Telemetry and other menu displays correctly but this feature. I can not start the engine on the stand without BT and Wi Fi .Use only OTG + SGS3.
    Is it possible to do “ARM” through OTG?

  15. Hello , I would like to know if I can just arm the multiwii while connecting to my phone ? the Arm button doesnt seem to work when the multiwii board is connected to my phone .

    Reason why , I am not going to control the quad with the EZGui or a RC , I am going to send PWM signal to the Multiwii using another MCU.

    • There is no direct function to ARM the Multiwii in the communication protocol. So to arm you have to send exactly the same values like you do from the RC receiver. So if you are controlling it from another MCU just send PWM signal that is equal to arming sequence (throttle down and yaw to the right) or you can arm via AUX and you have to send throttle down and set the AUX to required level.

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