Applying the Unlocker

If you select a feature which requires the EZ-GUI Unlocker, you will be asked if you want to unlock. If you say yes, you’ll go through the usual Google Play Store in-app purchase process – confirming the price and so on – and then taken to the Play Store to install the EZ-GUI Unlocker.

Once the Unlocker app is installed, you can’t open it – you don’t need to. Just return to MultiWii EZ-GUI and select a locked feature again. You’ll get the “Do you want to unlock” question once more – but when you say yes this time, you’ll be taken to the unlock screen. Select Unlock there, and you’re done.

Note: Applying the Unlocker unlocks all locked features, not just the one you select.



  1. Can you explain the in-flight PID tuning function?

    • In-flight PID tuning is the same as the normal PID settings but it allows you to change one value at a time. The values are not save permanently in the EEPROM because writing to EEPROM takes some time and produces glitches during the flight (I’m talking here about MultiWii, not sure how it works in cleanflight). So after you finish playing with In-flight PID tuning you have to land and save the values using red buttons in top right corner. I hope this is clear enough.

  2. I can’t get Google Play on my Fire HD. Can I purchase on my android phone and side load to my tablet or does it need google services to operate?

  3. Antonio Becerra Utrero

    February 17, 2015 at 13:03

    Si tuviera que cambiar de móvil, ¿como puedo recuperar el unlocker?

    • You can do it as long as you use the same google account on both phones.
      If you bought the unlocker you can download it and install without paying on other devices as but the google account used to do it has to be the same along all devices.

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