Now you can set up all your models

Multimodel support

Now you can set up all your models and just select one before the flight.


  1. Referring to ID 34. Ezio, I’m running EZ-GUI MiltiWii 3DR on a ASUS tablet operating system on tablet was 5.0. It upgraded to 5.0.2. My EZ-GUI updated to 3.5.212. Since then I cannot connect with 3DR EZ-GUI Multiwii . Green light comes on 3DR on tablet and Quad. When I connect is says connect, but no red light blinking on 3DR on tablet or on quad. No information show’s up on PID or any other place. It will work on Bluetooth. Something had to change for it to stop working. Could it be the operating system on the tablet or the EZ-GUI update? Is there anyway to go back to a older version of EZ-GUI ? Any information will help. Thanks, dyno06

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