Cleanflight 1.8.0 supported

From version 3.135 of EZ-GUI, cleanflight 1.8.0 is supported.



  1. CleanFlight tabs disappear for me too. Tried 1.8.1 and 1.9. Would you happen to know what the correct settings are for the CleanFlight configuartor UART1 Port?

    I’m unable to connect to the Flip32 although the RAW tab shows data being passed. No GPS present, for example.

  2. Just checked and cleanflight was selected. I changed it to base flight and then back to clean flight just to see if it needed to be reset. Clean flight tab disappears.

    Uninstalled the un-locker and then reinstalled it…clean flight tab still disappeared and some other tabs.

    Any ideas?

  3. Great job with the EZ-GUI App. I was using the updated version yesterday and it would instantly close when I tried to enter GPS INFO. I checked it again this morning and it appears to be working.

    I am running CF 1.8.0. My question is how do I get the clean flight configurator to work? It appears I need the full version but how do I Gert the full version? I have the dashboard unlocked.

    Also how do the PID profiles work in the APP? I didn’t see and option for that or to choose what PID controller I am using or to change which PID controller I want to use.


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