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Camera tracking/following

EZ-GUI can control your gimbal to get videos like this:


Gimbal can be also used as antenna tracker.

To use this functionality you need:

  • Storm32 based 3 axis gimbal – http://www.olliw.eu/storm32bgc-v1-wiki/Main_Page
  • Bluetooth module – http://www.olliw.eu/storm32bgc-wiki/Bluetooth_Module_HC06
  • EZ-GUI with working preferably long range telemetry (I use 3DrRadio)
  • iNav/Multiwii based flight controller
  • full version of EZ-GUI


This is my setup:

Gimbal + batteries in the box


The procedure:

  1. Pair Bluetooth gimbal with your Android device
  2. Connect battery to your model and wait for good GPS reception
  3. Connect EZ-GUI to model
  4. Make sure that you have good GPS reception 5 satellites or more.
  5. In EZ-GUI go to mission planner.
  6. From menu (three dots in right up corner of the screen) select “Camera tracking setup”
  7. Select Bluetooth module
  8. Bring your model with working GPS and telemetry connection as close as possible to the place where camera will be located and press NEXT button
  9. Move model away from the camera. Preferably in the direction where you will be flying. 10 meters should be enough.
  10. Manually rotate whole gimbal and point the camera at the model and press NEXT button
  11. Done. Press OK. At this point gimbal should follow the model.



iNav + mission planner

Bluetooth – 3DR radio bridge

Recently I’ve made a DIY Bluetooth – 3DR radio bridge. The main reason behind this is that my phone eats battery very very fast when it has something connected to USB/OTG.

Main goals:

  • Small
  • USB charging
  • Shows battery level
  • Nice

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Now you can set up all your models

Multimodel support

Now you can set up all your models and just select one before the flight.

EZ-GUI and Bluetooth LE (BLE)

Works only with HM-10 Bluetooth LE module.

It works but it is not perfect. So probably better option is normal Bluetooth module like this one.



Cleanflight 1.8.0 supported

From version 3.135 of EZ-GUI, cleanflight 1.8.0 is supported.


EZ-GUI Logs – how to use them

Read more here

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